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Eren Yeager and Jean Kirsstein swimsuit ver.  from SNK mobile game

Where´s my beach king Levi?

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yaoifountain asked :
Top 5 favourite foods :P

Pasta ! with pesto basil or tomato. Caesar’s salad. Chicken with curry. and this is where my actual food list stops. I am not a fan of food. welp…

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Anonymous asked :
well, i don't exactly feel like there is romantic love between erwin and levi (although i would love if it happened!) but i do feel like there are strong feelings between them. another thing i noticed is how similar mikasa and levi's pasts parallel each other (amongst other things). in the same year, they both lost their family, met someone who changed their lives, and followed that person into the SL. i truly think this is meant to be significant and a hint to how important erwin is to levi.

Of course, it is. Snk world is full of parallels, which I find them not amusing. I characterize them as lack of imagination. Everyone has a tragic back story, scenes keep repeating… It bores the reader. Well, I don’t think you can define Erwin’s and Levi’s relationship as romantic. What I meant is that yes, they love each other but they haven’t completely realized their own feelings themselves. There is no time and other, critical, matters come first. Also, they direct to sex as a stress relief. They are not romantic and passionate about it; it is plain sex.
Let’s be honest, you wouldn’t follow someone and execute his orders blindly if you hated him! Often people mischaracterize Erwin and refer to him as the bad guy for forcing Levi to join the SC and manipulating him in order to achieve that. Don’t you think Levi is capable of judging another person? He is smart, talented and a killer. Erwin saw that potential and dragged him out of that pit hole before Levi could destroy himself. Because under there, sooner or later, Levi would die like anyone else.
Levi has said that he will follow Erwin until he will find that thing he lacks of. How many years have passed? 5? more? Levi continues being with Erwin. To him, Erwin is the most important person right now. He showed him the truth, actual freedom. They have a passion now that they share. I am sure that Erwin does not tell Levi everything in fear that he might harm him, like he did with his father. So, Levi’s trust towards the secretive Erwin means to me more than anything.

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hehenyek asked :
Top 5 horror movies! >:D

eh…. i don’t have any…. i am a scared patootie… i don’t watch horror movies. I have only watched Insidious last year with my friends and American Horror Story. >_

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Anonymous asked :
do you think we'll see a reaction from levi if something happens to erwin? erwin is arguably the most important person to levi that we've seen so far, and i think there's a case to be made that he idealizes erwin. the manga, the spinoff, the guidebook and his rain and dream stories showed that erwin is always on his mind. also, isayama said that erwin is the only person that levi trusts completely and how their bond goes beyond work, it makes me wonder if it's a build up to something.

For the reasons you have stated, Eruri for me is canon. They are not a “real” couple by all means but something partners. Their relationship is complicated and I believe that yes a) there is love between them but they have not openly spoken about that and b) they fuck. But they are soldiers and they don’t have time for ‘silly’ things such love. Tragic, right?

I think Levi is a person of the “edge”. Erwin is the one who brings the balance into his life and sets the right standards. So, without Erwin how Levi would react… hm let’s see.. In my opinion he will either break completely; especially if he will see his death, watch him dying or… executed by the Military Police. Let’s be honest for a moment here: Levi has lost so many fellows, comrades, friends… He is tremendously hurt. Yes, he still has Hanji but Erwin and Levi a completely different bond - stronger, deeper. Erwin is the one who perfect him, saved him from his previous life, show him his vision, freedom, something to hope and fight for. Erwin has brought light to Levi’s world. Imagine losing your light… You panic, scream, cry… Such things I expect from him. To show his pain. To reveal every emotion he has been holding back for years now. How many times can you hit a porcelain doll before breaking? I want him to cry, to fall into his knees, to embrace Erwin’s dead body, to get mad with himself. Yes, himself because he couldn’t save Erwin, he couldn’t save another important to his life. I think Erwin will be the final strike of Levi’s patience and sanity. He will lose it. 

Levi will have a moment of being human, heartbroken - but let’s not forget that Erwin and Levi think the same. Levi knows Erwin’s moves. Levi knows Erwin’s plan. His desire. His dream. He will fight for him and for humanity. He will end his mission and then die. He won’t let Erwin’s light die before his dream come complete. He won’t let Erwin die for nothing. 

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ervri asked :
top 5 favorite characters from anything! also your autoplay is great omg

okay okay that’s hard:

1st Othello or Erwin Smith

2nd Levi or L

3nd The protagonist from a Greek novel, the Murderer (she was killing babies but anyways… she had a hard past and she died… karma)

4th Louka Alexiou, another character from a Greek book - Mask in the moonlight. He was a great actor with severe depression and he died too…

5th Patch from the book series Hush, Hush - idk why really… he gave a great impression and i like dark characters so.. 

frick yeah. ikr? xD

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Ask me my “TOP 5” anything!

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